Friday, January 12, 2007


Yes, I know that was 2 weeks ago... but I've been taking a small vacation, so it seems like just yesterday. I'm back and ready to start new projects and get the ball rolling again. The latest news is that I've aquired an industrial sewing machine that will allow me to work with heavier fabrics! You're sure to see new products as a direct result.

The next big thing is that I'm part of a new Dallas based group of crafters/designers that will be showing more often. So, instead of waiting months to get your Superchica fix, you can see me every month or maybe more. Details are coming, so check back in a week or so.

Also, I'm hoping to consign with a few more stores in Dallas and surrounding cities. If you have a suggestion regarding a boutique please pass it on. I would appreciate it :)

There is also a chance that I may begin to sell my accessories through the website again. Not sure yet, but it's either that or open an ETSY shop. We'll see what actually happens, but I have been receiving requests for online shopping, so I want to be able to accomodate.

Ok, that's all for now.
I may have a show in a few week and will list the info on the NEWS page.

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Mexica Chica said...

Hola Super chica,
I recommend signing up with Etsy. As a Latina Dallas crafter myself I can assure you that you will get some wonderful exposure and sales! I've only set up shop for two weeks and have had 37 sales! I set up to sell my excess inventory I no longer use for my full time jewelry line. ( You can see my "bead shop" at

It takes a bit to learn your way around but its worth the time. Its cheap easy and so far so good.

Suerte with all your endeavors. Sorry to hear about the robbery by the way.