Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Birthday!

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April 23rd would have been my Dad's 68th birthday. He passed away 20 years ago. I can't even imagine what he would look like at 67 because the last time I saw him he was only 47 and really very young. He was such a special man and the best Dad. I miss him more than I can say. I miss his laughter and his smile, his jokes and silly stories. I miss his kindness and his curiosity for life and the times he shared his thoughts about the world and people and the way things ought to be. Most of all I miss his unconditional love and the way he made me feel safe. I thank him for the many things he taught me and for giving me a love for learning. He was a gentle, thoughtful and wildly intelligent person with so many hopes and dreams.
So here's to my amazing Dad, Richard Petrosky born in NY in 1940.

I love you Dad. :)

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