Monday, November 24, 2008

The Dark Side of Technology

Yarsh! You're probably wondering why my website hasn't been updated since last week. You may also we wondering why my Etsy page was empty the last time you visited. I promise you I'm working to remedy that and here's why.....

Last week our computer hard drive crashed. BIG TIME! We lost tons of pics and worst of all I lost my website files. So, I've got to redesign my site and the DCM site from scratch. Sounds awful? It is.

We sorta solved the problem by buying a new computer, BUT we found out that our old software doesn't work on the newer operating system. So, not only did we lose our data but we lost the ability to use Photoshop and our web applications. More Yarsh! I thought I'd be able to make updates and start my new site today, but now we've got to figure out what software we need to buy and how much it's going to cost.

Just in time for the holidays. yea. (sense the sarcasm)

It's not all bad. I love our new computer. It's so cute. We're running Leopard now and it's quite stylish. I also like that I now have the latest IPhoto and IMovie etc.

I just added a few new items to my Etsy page and I'll add more later tonight and tomorrow. So, you'll be able to shop again. Be sure to stop by Make and House of Dang to see what's in stock and I'm bringing new goodies to them this week.
If you want to place any custom orders, please do so before November 30th if you want them before Christmas. :)

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