Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day of the New

Well, I sat down at the sewing machine and Poof! I had an idea. So... here is the newest Superchica design.

This first headband took nearly an hour to create, but that's common for new designs. I should be able to do a little better next time. What do you think? It's a thin stretchy band with my "Floral Featurette" attached to the side. The base is pleated and sewn with an orange contrast thread. You'll see these in my Etsy shop soon and at the next show!!!!!

No more time to sew now... must head to my "real job". Today was so productive.
See you soon.


La Alicia said...

I really like your latest creation - looks like an essential for Spring! :)

Anonymous said...

hm... nice style :)