Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hot and Cold

HI. I've revamped this blog about 25 times and I think I can live with this look, but don't be surprised if you see it change again.

What's up today? Well, it's all about cleaning house. Literally. I have to get my house in order. After a show my place is a total wreck!! I get so busy working that I let everything else fade into the background and then the night before a show I'm running around like crazy packing and doing last minute things. This results in my throwing things where I shouldn't throw them and so now I've got quite the mess on my hands. I'm sure those of you who are very creative can sympathize with me on this. I also have this weird habit of throwing objects while I'm working with them. What do I mean? Well, let's say I'm using scissors. I'll make my cuts and then instead of placing the scissors gently on the table so that I can use them again... I throw them. It's totally strange, I know. The problem is that I don't actually know that I'm doing it until I need to use the scissors again and they're on the other side of the room. It's not just scissors though. I do this with tape, pens, staplers etc. My husband has actually witnessed me doing this on several occasions, and he still loves me. :)

I'm in the process of doing a few custom orders and I'm also working on the next show. A new idea has come to me. I think I'm going to make some 3 dimensional portraits out of clay. You might see these at upcoming shows. Yes, they'll be time consuming, but I think they could be really great.

Review of the Walk n Wag:
It was really fun to hang out with all the various types of dogs, so that was great. Honestly the turn out was not what any of the vendors had hoped for, but I still met some new customers and I hope that I'll see them again in the future. This time ornaments were very popular and I'm getting excited about incorporating more Christmas goods into my show. Oh and t-shirts were a big hit too!! I'm going to print all new ones for the 2 Holiday shows coming up. The low point of the day was when we loaded up the truck and found out that someone had crashed into us and drove off without leaving a note! Who does that? Sadly, I think it was another one of the vendors. Vendor on vendor crime!!! What is the world coming to?

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