Sunday, November 19, 2006

Creative Christmas Show

Ok, so there is only one more show before Christmas!!! I was so glad to do the Creative Chic's Christmas on Friday. We had a great time and the house was really packed for most of the day and night. Thanks to anyone that came out to see me. This time my custom ornaments were super popular and I'll be cutting and painting like crazy for the next 2 weeks. A few of you snagged t-shirts too and I hope that you'll wear them with pride. :)

What will you see at the Christmas Urban Bazaar??

New t-shirts in black, chocolate and red.
Tons of necklaces and I'm working on some all-new wooden/ceramic pendants.
Of course my wrist cuffs in all the winter colors.
I'm also working on more belts and possibly a neck wrap that I have an idea for.
Lots of fun signs and wall hangings as well as Christmas ornaments.
OH, and this time I have a 10x10 booth, so it's going to be roomy.

I promise there will be some great crafters at this event and you will be able to do so much of your holiday shopping. Plus, you can score a Christmas tree and food for week while you shop.

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