Monday, October 29, 2007

It's New York or Bust... wait AND Bust!

That's right! The news is good. I'm headed for the Bust show in NY!!!!!
This is exciting for many reasons. Mostly because I'm thrilled to be a part of the NY craft scene, even for a day, but also because it means I'm returning to my birthplace and childhood home. I have not seen my family in 20 years and during my trip I plan to have a reunion of sorts. My hope is to be able to revisit places of significance in my early years, such as the hospital where I was born, the apartment my parents and I lived in, the church where I was baptized, where my parents were married and where I went to school. After all these years I'll be able to see and remember the life I lived and left behind. It will certainly be cathartic, but I know that it's all going to worth it.

On another note... the time is drawing near... HALLOWEEN!
No costume for me this year. Again. Even so, I plan to enjoy the day fully with my sweetie and watch scary movies, eat popcorn and rice krispie snacks and later, watch the Stars game. Can't beat it.
I wish you a Happy Halloween and many more to come.

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