Friday, May 09, 2008

The things I see.

Do you ever seen crazy things that make your head turn? I do. All the time. I don't mean a weird bumper sticker or a random hair-do. I mean really crazy stuff.
Last year I saw a man walking or should I say stumbling down Northwest Highway. I was driving west and he was on my right. I nearly crashed the car trying to get a good look. I think it was an actual zombie. Yeah, that's right. I said ZOMBIE. Here's why I think that.... He was shirtless and wearing cut off shorts with frayed edges. His arms were hanging in a zombie like fashion. His lips were blueish and around his mouth was a white ring, like he was dead or UNDEAD. His eyes were huge and blankly staring, his mouth was agape and he was dragging his feet as he moved along the side of the road. No, it was not Halloween.

Then a few months ago my husband and I saw a cave woman. Yep. That's right. A cave woman! She was sitting on the corner of a residential street near the sewer opening. She had long stringy, messed up hair and was wearing a one piece brown dress with jagged edges on the sleeves and hem. She was barefooted and filthy. Something in the sewer seemed to fascinating her and she was actively working to get it.

One night I saw a car completely engulfed in flames in front of a Souper Salad near my neighborhood. It was a giant fireball in the shape of a car and the flames were so hot and so bright that it illuminated the entire city block. Talk about random. I still wonder how it happened. There was no accident. The car had simply been parked in a spot, likely minding it's own business. Then poof! Up in flames. I hope no one was hurt.

Today we saw a man carrying an excercise machine down the road. What on earth? He couldn't have been bigger than 5'8" and 165lbs. The machine was nearly 2 feet taller than he was! He waited patiently for the light to change and then crossed the street with it. I have no idea where he was going or what his plan was or how far he walked before we saw him. Keep in mind that I'm not talking about a machine in a box. It was a completely assembled home exercise center!

There are so many more things I could tell you, but you can imagine. I'm sure you've seen something strange at some point in your life. Feel feel to comment on this post with your own weird stories.

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