Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jennifer Perkins was here.

So, Saturday had a bit of excitement built into it.  
Yes, a very cool thing happened and I just have to share it with you.  Jennifer Perkins of the famous Naughty Secretary Club was in Dallas teaching a class at Make studio.  I had the privelege of getting to meet her and hang out for a bit.  She is of course the reason that I ever had the courage to step out on my own and start a crafting business.  Six or seven years ago I found her online and saw that she was making resin jewelry and selling it.  That seemed pretty amazing to me, because the craft world was still beginning it's transition into cool and the market was not yet saturated with sites like Etsy.  Jennifer's commitment to her craft and success as a female entrepreneur gave me just the encouragement I needed to get started with Superchica.  Her involvement in starting The Austin Craft Mafia was even more inspirational and seeing how each of the members of the ACM have found success just pushed me to work harder.  

So, after all these years I finally had my chance to meet her, and I was glad to find out that she's really nice.  Recently, Jennifer has found success with two shows on television, a wildly successful craft business and a book.  I try to remind myself that she started at home, doing her projects on her own just like me and maybe someday I'll take things to the next step.  

Of course I scored a copy of her new book and she signed it!  woo!

Be sure to check out Jennifer's site and find out more about how she's carved out a crafty niche just for herself.  

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