Thursday, September 04, 2008

Rotary Wars

Oh man. I really did it this time. One of my favorite sewing tools, that I often say I can't live without is a rotary cutter. Just in case you don't know, it's like a pizza cutter, but the round cutting blade is as sharp as a razor, maybe sharper. I'm always careful when I use it. Well, almost always. Yesterday I was working in my studio, sewing and altering a cuff. While I was cutting fabric and using a cutting ruler to stabilize the blade, I neglected to realize where my hand was resting. Of course it became abundantly clear when the blade made direct contact with my finger, cutting half way through. Alone and not knowing just how bad it was, I was pretty scared. I did what seemed right and put my finger in my mouth, keeping pressure on the wound just until I could get to the sink and put it under the water. When I finally did, it was clear how bad it was and I called Kent. He talked me down from the ledge and I managed to get it cleaned and dressed but I was wondering if I really should get stitches. I called the local PrimaCare and they quoted me an astronomical price to see a doctor, so I ruled it out. Old school, home health care was my only option. As usual! Yar.

So, for all you crafters out there I give you a warning. Not that you didn't already know it, but your rotary cutter could actually take your finger off. Truly and painfully. I wonder if they sell some kind of protective glove that we sewers can wear when cutting? Hopefully my finger will heal up well with diligence on my part to clean it and keep it tightly wrapped. It might be a hideous scar, but with Halloween right around he corner I should fit in nicely.

Oh and if your wondering how I'm managing to type this.... a year of typing class in high school has somehow given me the ability to use my other fingers to compensate. Who knew?

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