Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Project Runway, naps and more.

Feeling better and ready to start going again. I'm writing while my whole pack of animals sleeps soundly, which is unusual for the middle of the afternoon when I'm home and working. They love to bring me toys and ask for hugs and stomp on my keyboard. On some days it's cute and other days it's frustrating, but for some reason, today they're sleepy and I'm free to type away.

So what do you think about this season of Project Runway? At first I thought it was a less talented group than last year, but I think I'm seeing some strong contenders emerge. The Drag challenge was so fun! I absolutely loved what Joe did with his pink jump suit. I was amazed by the fit, it was like a glove.

I think next week is another recycling episode and those are my least favorite. Why assemble a group of talented designers and then give them garbage to sew with? Has anyone else been thinking that Tim is kind of "out of the picture" this year? I wish they would show more of his critiques. His input is really interesting for me as a seamstress and designer.

This week I really need to decide what I want to do for Halloween. I'm thinking of designing a group of ceramic pieces to put on Etsy. Maybe a line of cuffs and necklaces too? Maybe a headband with cat ears or a pumpkin bag? Designing Halloween merch is my absolute favorite thing to do, but for some reason I always wait until it's too late. Not this year!

Alright. Lastly... The Beijing Olympic ceremonies were so inspiring to me as an artist and as a human being. They proved what we can do if we try and how a vision can become reality, no matter how outrageous it may seem.

Oh! They're awake. I now have a 35 lb dog in my lap and another jumping at my side. Must have moved around in my chair too much. :)

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