Saturday, August 23, 2008

Laugh about it.

Alright, so I'm sick at home and little bit miserable. So, of course I turn to the internet to entertain me and what do I find? I found this page called It's crazy. You upload a picture of yourself in B/W and it automatically puts your face into a yearbook photo. You can choose 1950-2000. Some of them were too hideous to imagine and some were just hilarious. I made a montage of the ones that made me giggle. Hope you like it. This is what happens when I'm not feeling well and boredom takes over. It's dangerous.

You can see me blonde, nerdy, mod, bookish etc. Last one is really me. I can't believe they look so different, even though the face is the same. Feel free to vote for the best look! Maybe I'll get a new do.

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