Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Girlie Show 2008

What a fantastic weekend we had!!!! It really was perfect from beginning to end. Let me tell you all about it......

We left for OKC in the early day and really had an nice drive and enjoyed the weather and the music and especially the Carl's Jr. that we picked up along the way. I swear they have the best fast-food chicken sandwich. Yum. We arrived at the Public Farmers market building, which is a gorgeous, historic space with wood floors and high ceilings and giant windows. Our load-in was really pretty easy, because I wisely didn't bring the grids and I had no ceramic pieces with me. All of my mafia girls were there setting up and I was very happy with my space because it was well lit. :) The time flew by and before we knew it, it was time to get changed and ready for the people. Oh, the people!!!! There was a line that snaked around the block 3 times. It was crazy.

We proceeded to be swamped for the rest of the night until around 11:45 when it slowed and finally quieted down. I managed to make it through the whole night with heels on, but when the clock struck midnight I was back in my Chucks.

Sales were great and everyone had a swingin' time. We saw everything that night! There was a guy in full Liberty spikes and girls wearing ceramic corsets and we saw lots and lots of color in everyones hair. It's a see and be seen situation there and we were really diggin' it. I saw 4" heels and 5" heels and roller skates and multi-colored tights and tutus. The creativity was flowing all around. There were toddlers dressed like punks and women wearing feather eyelashes, it was incredible. They had so much great food and pink martinis and the DJ was rockin' it all night.

The next day was much more peaceful and the crowd was more subdued, but it was still a really fun day. They had live bands and Sara Sara Cupcake bakery was serving everyone the most delicious cupcakes. We handed out almost all of my biz cards and I was really happy to meet more people and get to chit-chat a bit. Kent stole away for part of the afternoon to shop for vintage records and get us checked into the hotel. We finished the day strong and then I finally had a minute to walk around and snap a few pics and say Hi to everyone.

When it was all said and done, we met with the mafia group and Pamela Michelle and Claudia's Burning Ink for sushi. We were laughing so hard by the end of the meal because Tara and Megan told the craziest stories. It was really fun. We said our goodbyes and headed for our crazy-cool hotel. We stayed at the Hyatt Place and were pleasantly surprised to find out it was the size of a small apartment and had a 50' flat screen tv with HD. Nice. We made cocoa and munched on Chex mix while watching The Incredible Hulk with Ed Norton. What could be better?

The next morning we slept late and then took our time checking out and having brunch. Our drive home was smooth and we were feeling very grateful for how wonderful the weekend had been. Sunday afternoon we caught up on our Stars games and ate BBQ. Monday morning we eagerly picked up our pups from the boarding house and after a very high-spirited reunion, we went home.

The Girlie Show is really a unique experience and I am so thankful to have been a part of it again. Thank you to all the Girlies and to everyone for their encouragement and help over the weekend. :)

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Brigid said...

This is Brigid from the Tulsa Craft Mafia. It was really nice to meet at the show. I hope we can figure something out for the various area mafias sometime. Glad you had a good trip!