Monday, May 28, 2007

And then....

Hi all. I'm just stopping by to give you some quick updates.

1. I've joined with the Dallas Craft Mafia! More to come on that. I'll be attending my first meeting in a couple of weeks.
2. My Etsy shop is up and I have 10 or so items available.
3. Superchica merchandise is availabe at Make! Check out their new location...
4. The Craft Gypsies site is up!
5. I'm cutting more necklaces this week, so if you have a special request or idea for me please send me an email.
6. Bummer... I can't do the Girlie Show AGAIN this year because I have a family conflict. So, I guess I'll have to just wait until 2008.
7. I think I have a cute idea for a mini messenger bag. Stay tuned for pics. They'll be great for summer.

So that's it. Please check back often for more info and be sure to check my NEWS page weekly. :0)

Take care and I wish you an enjoyable holiday.

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