Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry, merry, merry....

Merry Christmas! I'm so glad that we've finally gotten to the pinacle of the holiday season. It's time to relax and enjoy the fruits of our labor and celebrate. Thank you to everyone that has supported Superchica this year. You don't know how much it means to me that I can make something that people enjoy and appreciate.

So I wish the very best to you and yours.


Sunday, December 10, 2006


Wow. Really, that's all I can say. It's just so unbelievable that it rained today and that it's in the 40's. More later, when my fingers thaw.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Urban BAZAAR is here!!!!

Ok, so tomorrow and Sunday are the big days. In case you haven't been to one of the Urban Bazaars before, here's the skinny. It's basically a great shopping experience! Over 35 designers selling hand made , one of a kind creations. Everything from jewelry, handbags, dresses, shirts, belts, paintings, photography packages and so much more.

Yes, it's going to be a bit chilly. Nothing too bad though... mid 50's to low 60's. That's sweater weather and we are so lucky to get that here in Dallas. There will be food and drink vendors at the Market so you'll be able to have lunch while you shop. You can also shop the Farmers Market itself and get your weekly produce shopping done, then pick out a Christmas tree and you're all set.

Come by to see me. I'd love to meet you!

Must get back to work, lots of last minute things to do and prepare and pack.

Don't forget to tell your friends :)

Monday, December 04, 2006

Special Delivery

Hi Superchica friends. I just wanted to let you know that I began making deliveries today. If you ordered a custom ornament from me then I may have already called you to get your delivery address. So, if I missed you today, then plan on getting them tomorrow. :)

Everything seems to be going well for the show, but I'm getting really busy. I've added some fun stuff to my inventory today including a set of ornaments that represent the 12 days of Christmas. That would be a great gift! Also, I've got some cool platters and mugs.

See you soon.