Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jennifer Perkins was here.

So, Saturday had a bit of excitement built into it.  
Yes, a very cool thing happened and I just have to share it with you.  Jennifer Perkins of the famous Naughty Secretary Club was in Dallas teaching a class at Make studio.  I had the privelege of getting to meet her and hang out for a bit.  She is of course the reason that I ever had the courage to step out on my own and start a crafting business.  Six or seven years ago I found her online and saw that she was making resin jewelry and selling it.  That seemed pretty amazing to me, because the craft world was still beginning it's transition into cool and the market was not yet saturated with sites like Etsy.  Jennifer's commitment to her craft and success as a female entrepreneur gave me just the encouragement I needed to get started with Superchica.  Her involvement in starting The Austin Craft Mafia was even more inspirational and seeing how each of the members of the ACM have found success just pushed me to work harder.  

So, after all these years I finally had my chance to meet her, and I was glad to find out that she's really nice.  Recently, Jennifer has found success with two shows on television, a wildly successful craft business and a book.  I try to remind myself that she started at home, doing her projects on her own just like me and maybe someday I'll take things to the next step.  

Of course I scored a copy of her new book and she signed it!  woo!

Be sure to check out Jennifer's site and find out more about how she's carved out a crafty niche just for herself.  

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm stressin'

Well, it's not all that bad. September usually gets kinda crazy for me and all the other crafting chicas out there. This year I'm doing a half dozen shows before Christmas, so be sure to check my shows and events page for updates and specific info.

In the next 2 weeks I really need to amp up and create new work for The Urban Bazaar, Etsy and other stores that currently carry Superchica goodies. My studio will be buzzing. My finger is finally healing!!! Yeah! After several weeks of wearing giant and sometimes embarrassing bandages, I finally went out yesterday with a naked finger. It's still a little tender, but I know that it's completely closed up and on the mend. The scar on the other hand might be pretty noticeable. I'd post a pic, but you don't really need to see it. ;)

Also, I have to admit I'm spending way too much time on the computer, when I should be in the studio. The problem is that I have so many online responsibilities. You know what I mean. For starters, there is my website and then the DCM website and my blog, then I have to update my Twitter, Etsy, Indie Public and MySpace pages. The biggest time bandit these days is Facebook. ( I shake my fist and FB and then I give it a kiss.) Because I have a high school reunion on the horizon, everyone has come out of the woodwork and joined FB. Ultimately it's a good thing, but it is sooooooo easy to get too focused on checking the status of everyone and commenting on photos etc. Yeesh. The other thing I'm just a little obsessed with is joining Etsy chat rooms. Do you do this? It's really fun to meet other artists and look at their work and read as people gab about all sorts of crazy things. I'm in there almost every night now. I need sun exposure.

Just to finish up this post quickly I present a Superchica Montage...because you've got to have a montage.
• Working on cuffs and heabands
• Having lunch with old friends and loving it
• Getting frustrated with my dogs when they get belligerent
• Loving on my kitty "Pickle" after her surgery
• Frolicking in the yard because the weather is incredible
• Posting pics online and cursing at my computer because it's so slow
• Happily whipping up batches of Rice Krispy Snacks
• Anxiously awaiting Halloween
• Keeping myself calm when I realize how much I have to do!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Rotary Wars

Oh man. I really did it this time. One of my favorite sewing tools, that I often say I can't live without is a rotary cutter. Just in case you don't know, it's like a pizza cutter, but the round cutting blade is as sharp as a razor, maybe sharper. I'm always careful when I use it. Well, almost always. Yesterday I was working in my studio, sewing and altering a cuff. While I was cutting fabric and using a cutting ruler to stabilize the blade, I neglected to realize where my hand was resting. Of course it became abundantly clear when the blade made direct contact with my finger, cutting half way through. Alone and not knowing just how bad it was, I was pretty scared. I did what seemed right and put my finger in my mouth, keeping pressure on the wound just until I could get to the sink and put it under the water. When I finally did, it was clear how bad it was and I called Kent. He talked me down from the ledge and I managed to get it cleaned and dressed but I was wondering if I really should get stitches. I called the local PrimaCare and they quoted me an astronomical price to see a doctor, so I ruled it out. Old school, home health care was my only option. As usual! Yar.

So, for all you crafters out there I give you a warning. Not that you didn't already know it, but your rotary cutter could actually take your finger off. Truly and painfully. I wonder if they sell some kind of protective glove that we sewers can wear when cutting? Hopefully my finger will heal up well with diligence on my part to clean it and keep it tightly wrapped. It might be a hideous scar, but with Halloween right around he corner I should fit in nicely.

Oh and if your wondering how I'm managing to type this.... a year of typing class in high school has somehow given me the ability to use my other fingers to compensate. Who knew?