Saturday, March 08, 2008

NY Follow up and more.

So, where was I? OH yes. Monday night. Well, in a nutshell we walked through the village feeling refreshed and ready for more. We passed a lovely book store called Partners in Crime-Mystery Books. It's exactly what I wish we had here in Dallas, but don't. Then we happily stumbled upon the Jonathan Adler store. I had no idea how much I would like it! It's a very small shop and in an unexpected spot. Inside was a great selection of house wares and linens and interesting furniture. If you like simple and sophisticated design, you should visit his website to see what I'm talking about. We spent about 20 minutes shopping and sadly left empty handed. Our budget was tight and we had to be good.
It was raining and our feet were tired so we stopped at the famous Max Brenners. A large portion of their menu is made up of chocolate delights. It's really a dream come true, right? Well, I have to say we were a bit disappointed. I ordered a mexican hot chocolate that was soooooo spicy that I couldn't manage more than two sips of it. Keep in mind that I love spicy food and have a high tolerance, but it burned in a weird way. Kent did better and ordered the double chocolate, which was just that. Imagine drinking a cup of melted chocolate and there you have it. The girls at the table next to us ordered the Urban Smores which included marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate and your own personal grille to fire up at the table. The smell was divine. Buzzed and confused we finally decided to move on our next destination. The St. Mark's Place neighborhood and Giant Robot!!!! I have waited for 5 years to visit a GR shop and now was my chance. Woo! It was small but full of goodness. I bought 3 shirts, stickers, pins, 2 posters and a gift for my nephew. I pretty much blew my whole souvenir budget in one night, but I didn't care. I was happy.
It was raining slightly. Rain is always nice, but it's unbelievably charming in NY. I swear. More walking and then a few stops at the record shops for Kent. He was so excited to find shops full of vinyl and out of print cds. Dallas has the worst music shops, so he was in heaven. He scored a jazz CD or two, which was great. Every day we were in the city we walked at least 5miles and Monday was no exception. Our dogs were barking! I truly needed a foot transplant, but there was nothing for it and so I settled for dinner and a chance to sit down. Fortunately, in addition to being a haven for freaks, St. Mark's Place is also known to some as the JapanTown of Manhattan, so of course we were thinking sushi. We found a place called Sharaku that was not what we had hoped for, but they had chairs and that was good enough for me. Our table was on the 2nd level and we had view of city and the rain. Not bad.
I really think that's enough action for one day, don't you? We headed for the train and our trip back to Jersey City and bed.