Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Project Runway, naps and more.

Feeling better and ready to start going again. I'm writing while my whole pack of animals sleeps soundly, which is unusual for the middle of the afternoon when I'm home and working. They love to bring me toys and ask for hugs and stomp on my keyboard. On some days it's cute and other days it's frustrating, but for some reason, today they're sleepy and I'm free to type away.

So what do you think about this season of Project Runway? At first I thought it was a less talented group than last year, but I think I'm seeing some strong contenders emerge. The Drag challenge was so fun! I absolutely loved what Joe did with his pink jump suit. I was amazed by the fit, it was like a glove.

I think next week is another recycling episode and those are my least favorite. Why assemble a group of talented designers and then give them garbage to sew with? Has anyone else been thinking that Tim is kind of "out of the picture" this year? I wish they would show more of his critiques. His input is really interesting for me as a seamstress and designer.

This week I really need to decide what I want to do for Halloween. I'm thinking of designing a group of ceramic pieces to put on Etsy. Maybe a line of cuffs and necklaces too? Maybe a headband with cat ears or a pumpkin bag? Designing Halloween merch is my absolute favorite thing to do, but for some reason I always wait until it's too late. Not this year!

Alright. Lastly... The Beijing Olympic ceremonies were so inspiring to me as an artist and as a human being. They proved what we can do if we try and how a vision can become reality, no matter how outrageous it may seem.

Oh! They're awake. I now have a 35 lb dog in my lap and another jumping at my side. Must have moved around in my chair too much. :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Laugh about it.

Alright, so I'm sick at home and little bit miserable. So, of course I turn to the internet to entertain me and what do I find? I found this page called It's crazy. You upload a picture of yourself in B/W and it automatically puts your face into a yearbook photo. You can choose 1950-2000. Some of them were too hideous to imagine and some were just hilarious. I made a montage of the ones that made me giggle. Hope you like it. This is what happens when I'm not feeling well and boredom takes over. It's dangerous.

You can see me blonde, nerdy, mod, bookish etc. Last one is really me. I can't believe they look so different, even though the face is the same. Feel free to vote for the best look! Maybe I'll get a new do.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Post Pony Post

Aaaaaaahhhh. Yes, it's over. The Shop Pony Show is in the past, but it has left me with good memories. Truly, this was my first "big" show since NY in December. The experience has left me feeling energized about my work and ready to go forward.
There was some really cool stuff at the show. Really, I had to hold back from buying to save my budget. I did score some extremely yummy candles from Dark Candles. Her Halloween collection smells amazing. My favorite one is the Chocolate Bat. Just try and keep from eating it!

Another of my favorite vendors was Claudia's Burning Ink. She had the booth across from me and I was really impressed with her wooden creations. She's got a style similar to mine, so I'm partial. She's super sweet too and I hope to work with her again.

Yes, It was really steamy in the middle of the afternoon. Not sure what caused the spike in temperature inside the building, but it definitely had me feeling a bit woozy. Still, the crowds were exciting and I loved, loved, loved the space we were in. The artwork on the walls was so cool!

I spent about 2 minutes with the pony. Her name is "Lady" and she was really cute. Rumor has it, she recently had a baby and this was her first time out since the big event. During our visit she whinnied several times, which was louder than you'd expect. I thought she might be scared of me, but her handler said she just wanted to get back into her trailer and was telling him so. Then she left a little "gift" on the floor and I excused myself.

The swing dancers were so inspiring. Gosh, I wish I could dance really well. For years Kent and I have been saying "Let's take swing lessons.", but we never do it. I hear they have a swing party every weekend, so maybe we'll go to one of them in the future.

Gee wiz! My headbands were the big hit! I didn't expect that, but I sold more headbands than anything else. They're totally new for Superchica and I like making them. So, more headbands it is. There was a super cute girl at the show and I think her name was Heather. She was absolutely determined to buy one of the headbands and so she did. She even accessorized it with her own band on top. Her mother told me that she wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up. Maybe one day we'll see her work on the runways.

I hope you had a chance to come out and experience it for yourself. Thanks to everyone that supported me.
We hope to do another one next year, so be sure to visit The Dallas Craft Mafia site to see pictures from the event and to sign up for our newsletter and get info about more shows.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oh, and this too!

So, I also wanted to say that I have been really working to fill my etsy page. I've also been shopping etsy lately and doing a daily "pounce". Please take a minute to visit my etsy page and maybe even *heart* me.

My August.

It has been a while since my last post and I have a lot to catch up on. First of all, you probably noticed that I totally re-vamped my website. I thought it was time to simplify my look and hopefully it's easy to use. Secondly, I've really changed my work and have focused almost entirely on fabric arts. Ceramics will still be in my collection, but only during the holidays. For now, I'm happily sewing and painting things that are soft. No more yards of bubble wrap!

This week is all about preparation as The Show Pony Show is coming up this weekend on Aug 17th. This is my first real show since December!!! Can you believe it? Me neither. Well, it promises to be great. The Dallas Craft Mafia is hosting and has chosen over 25 vendors for you to shop from. We've also arranged to have a sweet pony in the afternoon, which is really cool. I'll have an 8x8 booth of just Superchica goodies. Be sure to stop by and get into one of the raffles.

My other big news is that we adopted another dog! Yes, we're totally insane. Totally. She's unbelievably sweet and cute and we are happy to have her, even if it means more work. I was running errands a few days ago and there she was wandering the streets near a busy intersection. She had no collar and no micro-chip. It turns out she's had a litter of puppies at some point and has not been spayed. She's only 8 months old and must have had quite the life. Nat and Arlo or beginning to accept her and the cats seem to be saying "Eck, another one!" and "Oh, whatever.". So, things have been a little topsy turvy this past week. By the way, we named her Tilda.

Oh, and yesterday was my birthday! Woo! Kent and I had a yummy lunch at Houston's restaurant. If you haven't been there, I hope you get to go sometime soon. I just love the food and the service is really good plus they keep it dark. Nice. Then we finally went to see The Dark Knight. Sadly, I think it wasn't worth all the hype it's received, although I thought it was very good. Not excellent, but really good.

Right now I'm dying fabric for some of the pieces I'll have available this weekend. I really hope you can come out and shop or just say "hi". This show is a good test for my new work. Right now I have pieces at House of Dang and Make, but I'm still not sure how the newest items will be received in a show environment. We'll see!