Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thievery and other things.

This past weekend I was shocked to learn that the local studio currently selling Superchica merch. was robbed. I was hit hard. All of my necklaces, pins, ceramic housewares etc. were just gone. Snatched by someone with N.C. No class. This was a big blow to many of the vendors who had most if not all of their merchandise taken as well. Honestly.

The fact is that we can narrow down who is responsible for this smash and grab. I'm convinced it was a woman and that it was someone that is also in the local crafting community. It's crazy to think it, but it's true. Who else would steal an expensive pair of scissors? Your average man would never know that a pair of scissors could be valuable and if he did, he would not be the type of person to break into a store and steal. Many t-shirts were stolen, but all of the hangers were left nicely hung on the racks. They even took patterns and fabric that would never appeal to anyone other than a seamstress. The clues are all over the place.

What's done is done. So, I'm facing a lot of work in the near future to replace what has been stolen. We plan to hold a fundraising event in March to help cover our losses and keep us going. If you would like to donate furniture, household goods or anything that would be a good seller, please contact myself or the Make studio.

Wish me luck and better times in the future, and as always thanks for supporting Superchica.