Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I'm having a bit of fun with my newest little gadget. A dear friend of mine received a Cricut Expression for her birthday and because she's so incredibly awesome, she decided to give me her old one. It's really in mint condition and feels new to me.

Today was the first day I started playing with it and I'm surprised at how fun it really is. Watching the little blade cut the paper is kind cool and then seeing how sharp and precise the cuts are is impressive. If would have taken me a hour to do it by hand.

I did a sample cut using the basic cartridge and here's what I got.....

How cool is that? I'm not into scrapbooking at all, but this little Cricut will be useful to me when I make signs and displays for my craft booth. There is a cartridge that I'd like to buy called Tags, Bags, Boxes and More. It cuts tags in every size and will cut a box that you can put together yourself. So great! When a little extra money comes my way I plan to buy that and also a few other accessories. Unfortunately the coupons that all of the major craft stores offer specifically exclude Cricut products. Boo. So I'm keeping my eyes open for a sale. :)

Stay tuned for more Cricut adventures!
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PS: I made it into two treasuries this week. :-) yeah!

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Eye Shutter to Think said...

Way cool. I want one! Looks like fun :)